Berelian wood paints and coatings

Due to the long history of the wood industry in this country, Dorsa Chemie Company in its first production phase has started to produce various types of lacquers and colorful paints for wooden surfaces. The company’s special wood paints and lacquers are offered as one of the best and well-known goods in the domestic and foreign markets under the name of Berelian. Today, after many years of experience and continuous efforts and using the latest technology in the world, the paints and coatings of this company, under the name of Berelian, are produced and supplied as follows.

Instant coatings based on nitrocellulose resins

  • Sanding sealer
  • Shiny instant clear
  • Matte instant clear
  • Instant wood color (in different colors...)
  • Instant putty color (in different colors...)

Two-component coatings based on alkyd-urea formaldehyde resins

  • Glossy semi-polyester lacquer
  • Matte semi-polyester lacquer
  • Glossy semi-polyester lacquer (in different colors...)

Three-component coatings based on polyester resins

  • Polishing polyester lacquer
  • Standing polyester lacquer
  • Polyester paint paste (in different colors...)

رزین استرکام


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رزین آلکید

لانگ اویل (رزین های آلکیدی بلند روغن)

مدیوم اویل (رزین های آلکیدی متوسط روغن)

شورت اویل (رزین های آلکیدی کوتاه روغن)