Wooden surface coating

Spray Paint


Currently, industrial resins used in the paint industry are produced in many types in the world, one of the most important and most widely used of which is alkyd resins. Such resins have been produced in the world for over eighty years, and with the passage of time, the resin industry in Iran has also made significant progress. In order to play its role in increasing the country’s industrial production,  Dorsa Chemie Company, as one of the active units in this field and through installing and operating mechanized production lines and using the latest technology in the world, plays an important role in meeting the needs of domestic painting units and some neighboring countries.



Industrial and architectural paints

The construction industry is currently one of the most important industries in most countries of the world, and there is significant competition in this industry in most parts of the world.

Industrial paints

Architectural paints

Berelian wood coatings and varnishes

Fast drying coatings based on nitrocellulose resins

Two-component coatings based on alkyd resins - urea formaldehyde

Three-component coatings based on polyester resins

Spray paints

In order to facilitate the use of paint in all conditions, Dorsa Chemie Company has produced a variety of spray paints in 26 different colors

Dorsa Chemie

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About Dorsa Chemie

In 1375, the company obtained a license to establish a large industrial complex in Eshtehard industrial Town. After receiving the operation license in 1376 through the continuous efforts of the founders and the use of specialized personnel, it started its activity in the field of producing all kinds of industrial paints and resins.


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