A variety of industrial and
architectural paints

  • Alkyd (oily) architectural paints
  • Glossy oil paints
  • Matte oil paints
  • Glossy semi-oil paints
  • Types of primers and anti-rust paints
  • Water-based acrylic architectural paints
  • Special colors for indoor and outdoor of the building
  • Special paints for outdoor
  • Water-based acrylic architectural paints
  • Types of Epoxy and Polyurethane floor covering

Architectural paints

The construction  industry is currently one of the most important industries in most countries of the world, and there is significant competition in this industry in most parts of the world.

The architectural paint production industry is also one of the industries that make buildings resistant to all kinds of serious corrosion by making various products while strengthening metal structures, and also in addition to increasing the durability and strength and useful life of buildings, it plays an effective role in beautifying interior and exterior facades of all structures, bridges, towers, buildings, and so on.

In this regard, Dorsa Chemie Company (Syndicate-Member of the Paint and Resin Manufacturers of Iran) has produced various types of architectural paints in different colors and with standard quality, using modern technology and modern equipment and also specialized and efficient forces and plays an effective role in domestic and foreign markets as one of the leading manufacturers in this industry.

Dorsa Chemie Paint Palettes

Price list of architectural oil paints

رزین استرکام


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لانگ اویل (رزین های آلکیدی بلند روغن)

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شورت اویل (رزین های آلکیدی کوتاه روغن)